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Blinkin’ CaNN….

This morning, I hit a coffee-spewing moment.  CaNN owe me a new computer monitor.  🙂 OK, this is definitely an in-joke. If you’re not North American Anglican, just grin and bear it and I’ll post something that makes more sense soon…. Advertisements

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The price of conceit

This is the day when the vote is made as to whether to revisit same-sex marriage in Canada.  It is widely predicted to be a non-event.  That may well be the case, unfortunately.  The question then will be, what cost?  What … Continue reading

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The faithful?

Recently there has been (well, OK, I’ve particularly noticed) a trend towards the self-description of certain groups of Anglicans as ‘faithful’.  I’ve been ruminating about this for a while, but this post and resulting comments have got me thinking further. What … Continue reading

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A reflection on time

Our whole culture, here in the west, seems to be about cramming ever more and more into the limited time we have.  We possess more and more ‘things’, but one thing we do not seem to be able to increase is … Continue reading

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Sometimes I do get so heartsick of all the current Anglican manoeuvrings, schemings, intrigue, backstabbing, thinly disguised hate, malice, endless words, followed by endless interpretations full of infinite nuances leading to ever more intractable positions held ever more tightly.  And true Christlike … Continue reading

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