Muslims offended…again

In a startling twist, some Muslims are yet again offended (  To be honest, I think this time they have overreached themselves.  You can cry wolf only so often before people really begin to tire of the whole thing.

I got tired of it a long, long time ago.  It’s play acting to a western audience most desperate to appease anything islamic.  After all, if we appease, perhaps they’ll leave us alone?  This is also known as abject and craven cowardice.  Will the west ever find a backbone?  Certain people in the Vatican appear to lack one, judging by the issuing of an apology when none was required.

The backbone required used to be our judeo-christian heritage.  With that jettisoned, we seem to have no fall-back.  Relativistic mush is just not going to cut it.

Anyway, perhaps there is hope.  While the Beeb is falling all over itself to accept dhimmi status, those who comment seem to be less fooled.  From what I can see here:, people are just not buying this latest round of muslim ‘outrage’.

 (Sorry about the long link, the URL shortcut didn’t seem to work)

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